Genuine Mazda Android Auto and Carplay Install

Genuine Mazda Android Auto and Carplay Install

Hi Mazda Fam,

The post on the Mazda 3 Revolution site was taken down for some reason. So I got permission from Ash8 and I am moving it here to this website to live. 

Here is the Instructions to follow to install the OEM Carplay and Android Auto into your Mazda.

Genuine Mazda Carplay and Android Auto Install Instructions + Links

Here is the Mazda Manual for the Mazda 3 to install the cables and the USB hub. Works for both the front and middle console locations.

Mazda 3 USB Hub Install Manual

If you need to purchase the new USB hub Here is that link:

Here is the firmware update links for NORTH AMERICA ONLY


If you need any other firmware updates, email me at

Can't promise I will have them, but I will certainly try my best to find them.

Hope this helps you guys!

Thank you Again ASH8 on Mazda 3 Rev for writing this all out! 



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